EnergY MEDICINE & intuitive COaching

Reduce stress | Sleep better | Improve relationships | Increase energy | Think clearly | Reduce anxiety & depression

An Energetic Consultation strengthens the connection between your body, mind & emotions. Intuitive Coaching applies counselling techniques to explore beliefs & behaviours, enhancing personal growth.


Explore with me 

  • Clarify life goals & create an achievable plan

  • Balance limiting beliefs

  • Remove mental/emotional blocks

  • Balance physical/mental/emotional energy

  • Receive an intuitive energetic reading

  • Receive a personal crystal prescription to enhance your healing

  • Balance Chakras

  • Meditation/visualization guidance

  • Stress Relief/Improve sleep

  • Sustain a calmer nervous system

  • Access intuitive information to heal your body

  • Learn how better breathing can affect your whole life


Each session I lead you through is unique...

We begin by getting clear on what you need. I'm highly intuitive and I will ask you questions that tell us how best to work together. I will assess your breath. I offer guidance on how to remove the mental/emotional blocks that may be preventing you from experiencing your potential.

We explore limiting belief and behaviours, clear the blocks and reset your present context for life. I may give you 'homework' - simple and easy exercises to be practiced daily to help you sustain your sense of wellbeing. Ultimately, if you're ready for change, I can support you to take the necessary steps in an efficient and accessible way.

We typically follow up the intellectual process with an Energetic Healing. I am trained in multiple energy medicine techniques (I am a certified Reiki Master). I integrate appropriate hands-on healing based on channeling, intuition and experience. I will sense your current energy and shift it accordingly. We may focus on physical, mental or emotional imbalances. I believe all systems are connected and therefore we must look at any concern from all angles. I can provide an Intuitive Reading based on information I receive during your healing. If you so desire, I can share any information that is being communicated for you. 

PLEASE NOTE - I can not heal you. No one can. I will simply channel universal energy allowing you to heal yourself. You will be doing the work and I will hold space for the possibility of your most effective growth.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

it would be a pleasure to work with you...


Initial session - 2 hours - $195
Follow-up - 75 - 90 min - $150
5 sessions - $675


Proceeds from every session donated to Africa Yoga Project. Thank you in advance for your donation.