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Prescribing crystals for your home and personal use. Using energy medicine and space clearing techniques to create an effective environment at home or at work.


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What I offer?

  • I use crystal therapy during your Reiki treatment to enhance your healing experience

  • I recommend crystals that compliment your personal holistic practices (meditation & yoga)

  • I offer conscious decor consultations, arranging your space for the most effective and positive flow of energy

  • I energetically cleanse your space and prescribe complimentary crystals that support and balance your energy at home, or at work

  • I hand select and distribute ethically sourced crystals for sale in your retail store, yoga studio or wellness clinic

By definition, a structure whose molecules are arranged in a regular, repeated pattern is a crystal
— Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief



The scientist in me has always craved answers about life. I regularly study alternative therapies. Despite quantum physics discoveries and the emerging recognition of energy medicine as a reliable healing therapy, the world of energy remains one of life’s greatest mysteries.

What I can confirm is that I undeniably feel energetic fields. Years of training have heightened my sensitivity to all forms of energetic waves - waves from people, places and things. I have always resonated with crystals. I could feel their healing properties since I was a small child.

I use crystals everyday to support my meditation, sleep and general wellbeing practices. From personal experience, I know that crystals support a Reiki treatment.

Based on your goals and an intuitive reading of your energy field, I carefully select crystals to enhance the work we are doing together.

After the session, I can prescribe you a crystal to use at home. You may feel drawn to a specific stone and this is always the best way to choose a crystal. Don’t think, feel.

It would be a pleasure to share how working with crystals can support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.



CONSCIOUS design & energetic space clearing

It isn’t a coincidence that a clean and clear space supports a clean and clear mind. Numerous studies have verified the benefits of consistent morning routines, like making our bed, properly de-cluttering our personal spaces and artfully choosing where to place furniture. The ancient science of Feng Shui has been accepted and applied across the globe for decades.

It’s very important to maintain an energetically clear space in order to properly rest our bodies and restore mental activity. When we spend time each day in our busy lives, moving amongst other people and places, we are often affected by energies and we don’t even realise it.

Some spaces come with old energies (positive & negative) that should be washed away so your space is clear. If you have recently moved into a new home or apartment you certainly could benefit by cleaning and resetting the energy.

If you have moved into a new office space, boost your company’s productivity and culture by clearing away the previous tenants’ practices.

Subconsciously picking up on someone else’s feelings, beliefs, fears and history is draining. Handling our own life experience and business requires plenty of energy.

With over ten years of experience in the Interior Decorating, Styling & Merchandising industry I have developed a formula to ensure you are matching your decorating style with the energies you want to attract, and of course the space ends up looking great too!


If you wish to have a personal clearing for your space, including interior decorating recommendations and a crystal prescription, we would follow the below steps:

  • Complete a consultation about the history of the space and the goals for the project

  • I will move through the space with you asking questions about previous tenants/history and any energies that have been present that you no longer welcome

  • Based on the assessment, I will complete an energetic clearing of your space (we can discuss the technique you wish to have used, most people choose Palo Santo)

  • We will move through the space together and create new intentions for each area. This is followed by boundary setting, considering what you want to keep out of the space

  • I will complete the energetic clearing process

  • If you desire a Styling Consult we would work together to adjust current decorating choices and furniture layout, considering new options

  • I offer the Crystal Prescription Package, adding to your decor with crystals personally selected based on your space clearing requirements




Wether you own a retail store, a yoga studio, a wellness clinic or simply want to enhance your current merchandising strategy, I can work with you to select a range of crystals to add to your space.

I carefully hand select stones that vibrate with powerful energy. I do not purchase online. All of my stones are sourced from ethical mines.

  • Do you want to bring positive energy into your current retail space?

  • Can you update and compliment current merchandising strategies?

  • Would you like to offer your clients a one-of-a-kind product tailored specifically for them?

  • Would you like to start a personal collection of stones based on prescriptions designed for you?

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