holistic coaching for elite performance

Get out of your own way  
Build a sustainable career  
Increase confidence & fulfilment  
Calm your nerves | Balance your life

Integrates mindfulness tools, breath & movement training to advance & balance individuals dedicated to high level sport.


Let's optimize you

  • Personal movement analysis | Goal clarity
  • Breath training | Increase CO2 tolerance
  • Personalised yoga sequences for sport
  • Meditation coaching 
  • Injury rehabilitation/prevention
  • Visualization enhancement
  • Tools to reduce stress and increase lifestyle balance
  • Private & Team programs available 
  • Counselling & belief system balancing 
  • Energy Medicine - nervous system balancing training

As a retired National Synchronised Swimmer from Canada, I know what it's like to push my body to its' limits. I know how it feels to have blood pumping through every vein prior to competing at an elite level. I've proudly learned and applied multiple Sports Psychology disciplines and I always wish I had the awareness I have today. Learning to breathe properly has taught me to use my body in a more refined and efficient way sustaining strength and a balanced lifestyle.

My yoga practice & surfing has taught me to listen for the answers from my body, to make choices from a non-negotiable truth coming from no one else but me. My meditation & visualisation practice has allowed me to manifest some of my biggest life dreams. The past twenty years of life coaching and counselling have instilled a mental discipline that I wish I had when I was competing internationally.

Whether you're an athlete or not, I would be thrilled to coach you to optimal health, wealth and increase your performance in life. 

You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.


For pricing information, let's connect so I can design a program that best suits your personal &/or team goals...


Proceeds from each session donated to Africa Yoga Project. Thank you in advance for your donation.